Today in the school we had a very nice event: Run for health! After all the students were off from school, we meet at the Universities running court. We (international) guys thought that even its an event organized by the school, theres not gonna be that much people. Suprisingly, there were around 300-400 students who were ready to run. The running was 2,5 km and the first hunred people supposed to get some sort of suprises. The funy fact, that we were 4 Danish-Hungarian guys and you can guess the result of the running.. The top 3 were the Danish guys, then 4. is a Chinese and the 5. was me. Even it was a short distance ( and I realy hate runing) it was a pleasure to see all the chinese students and have fun together with them. They were so excited about us, even tho I didnt made it to the top 3, they made an interview with me and several pictures for the schools newspaper. We also get a lot of small, cute presents for the good result od the running (7:22 for the first, I had around 7:35) This kind of hospitability is what I never experienced before anywhere in the world and thats why I think China is a great place.

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