danesareHow does it feel to live in Denmark? It’s totally different from being a student in Eastern- Europe. There are many small differences, but I try to give some examples and make an overview.

The first and maybe most striking differences between DK and any other E-Eu country are: being a student doesn’t mean you are poor. Surprisingly, the society expects the students to be grown up, move away from parents and work beside the studies. (We talk about university students) In general all the students get scholarship from the government, what they are entitled to, (as they think) because of the high taxes. The Danish students usually work as a waiter, bartender, more comfortable jobs, but as a foreigner, girls mostly clean in hotels or offices, guys usually work in storage or as a dishwasher. However, expats can make a great effort if he/she willing to study Danish language. Danes highly appreciate this kind of effort. It doesn’t mean you get immediately your dream job, but you will feel more welcomed.

Among the students, it’s very common to be healthy and do sports. Not just because almost everyone use a bike to get around, but also because a lot of students go to work out or do some other sports together after classes. This is also a part of being more socially active than other countries. Danes have a famous tradition, called „Friday bar”. It means when people are off to work or study, they grab a beer together with their colleagues. It may sound terrifying in other countries, because in general in E-EU people want to get as far as they can from the job as the clock hit the 17.00. In fact, these traditions, a couple of small talks, make a lot of relationship better in the firms and also in the class.

As a Nordic country, Danes are known as Vikings who can drink numerous liter of beer. No doubt, most of them do drink a lot. On the weekends, it’s normal to go out with some friends and get hammered. (and drink nothing else but beer). But people usually rather go to bars then techno disco’s. Some Danes always have a dinner before they go out, where they barely mix the genders. Boys eat and start the drinking with the boys; girls do the same with the girls. It is the time to talk with the friends, before they get wasted and start to look for a girl. However, Danes never talk to strangers. Often they don’t even like to talk with foreigners, not only because of their prejudgement of the Eastern-Europeans, but also they don’t want to get embarrassed because of their English skill. As a famous Danish proverb says: „They don’t like to step on each other’s toe”. So they don’t make embarrassed each other. Despite of this, they are likely to star a lot of foreigner, specially Arabian, Iran, or any black singer, dj, or business man, if the person speaks Danish. Than the one is not a foreigner anymore, he is a „special Dane”.

Usually, Nordic people don’t do dates. It sounds a bit old fashioned, may comes from the Vikings. If you try to seduce a girl, giving her attention, flowers, you just will be ignored and you will be seen as a creepy guy. Its okey to not call a girl, don’t ask her out, so literally don’t show any interest. The most important thing, that somehow, with a great luck from Fortuna goddess, you have to end up at the same party in the weekend. When the party is over, you agree on going home and have a one night stand. If a couple do this more than 1 time, it still means they are only friends. If it happened more then 3-4 times, they might go out for a dinner, and then after 1-2 month they are officially together.

You could see Denmark from 2 sides. In the winter time people more often stay home for the weekends, rather focusing on studying, working and saving some money. As soon as the winter is gone, people going crazy and go to festivals, concerts and travel around the world. It is absolutely normal that every family can go to holiday abroad on each summer. In general, Danes appreciate sunshine way more than most of the EU countries, because they don’t have much from it. This is the reason why they likely to go out a lot, BBQ, and travel on the summer.

These statements are of course generalizations and it is not goes for everyone, but if you would ask a Dane about these topics, probably none of them would agree with it, they are too proud to accept these facts, because they are the most happy nation in the world, even with their disadvantages.( And there’s a video about my town, Aarhus.)

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  1. Fazekas István 2015-01-13 at 17:26 - Reply

    Bazsikám! Gratulálunk, jó, érdekes és informatív az írás, csak így tovább! Várjuk a folytatást – folytatásokat. (Az angol változatban célszerűnek látszik kicsit nagyobb figyelmet fordítani a nyelvhelyességre – pl. az „appropriate” minden bizonnyal az appreciate helyett áll, az „ Its okay to don’t…” – hoz hasonlót az angolok nem mondanak, helyesebb lenne úgy írni, hogy It’s okay not to…” ezek apróságok, de érdemes ezekre is figyelni.) Puszilunk mindketten, Mami, Papa

    • balazsjudik 2015-01-14 at 11:05 - Reply

      Kedves Nagyszüleim!

      Az angol verzióban az “appreciate” szót két helyen is sajnos a webes alkalmazás automatikusan átjavitotta “appropriate”-re, csak ez nekem nem tűnt fel ellenőrzés közben. Köszönöm, hogy felhivtad a másik kifejezésre is a figyelmemet, – “its okey, not to” – ezt ki is javitottam. Köszönöm, hogy vagytok nekem!

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