entrepreneurIn the past 2 month, I had a hard time, choosing my path. As you know, now I am in the 4th semester in the Business Academy Aarhus and I chose to be an entrepreneur. I had many reason why: I was debating in Shanghai a lot, because I really enjoyed myself there and also I planned to do my internship over there, however, an intern salary is around 2000 Danish krone, which would not cover my living expenses. After hesitating for a month, the deadline for internship agreement came, so I decided that I would do something with my blog. I always loved to write and help other students (especially because I moved abroad, there was no one to tell me informations about the new country). In the beginning of January I had a plan to help students to move abroad, however, I thought I would only do it on my blog and in Hungarian language. After a couple of week, I realized that despite I am 21, my network growth globally and I have friends all over the world, who are studying or having internship.

I had to make a decision. I wanted to help all the students, not only one countries people so I had to write in English. I needed a new platform for this new idea, because it has nothing to do with my personal blog anymore. This is the reason why I moved most of the content about Denmark to the http://studentblogs.org. From now on, I only going to write about my personal adventures as a student/entrepreneur in the Balazs In The World blog.

So I get these questions several times: What are you doing? How do you spend your days? How will you earn money?


I try to give you my best shot. (Phrasing :D) Usually I wake up around 7.30-9.00. As I don’t have an office yet, this is one of the biggest challenge, to go sleep early and wake up early. Afterward, checking my emails, statistics on my pages, reading news while having a quick breakfast and coffee, then I start to work. I never learned how to build a webpage, or how to use different coding language, neither how to use the more complicated social media platforms, such as GoogleAdsense,Facebook Ap,Disqus,databases and many small program, what I never heard about before. In order to learn all of these, I signed up for an online education program on the Treehouse webpage (for students it only cost 150dkk a month) where I can learn more about web development. Usually I am starting my day with 2-3hours of Treehouse education and practicing of coding.

When I am done with that, it is quite difficult to describe my day. As a 1-man company, I have to deal with everything. I had to learn how to write book keeping in Danish, what regulations and laws are related to my industry (of course everything is in Danish) and also I am the one who have to deal with marketing and sales. I think the best way to learn, if you surround yourself with people who are more smart or wise than you are. I have meetings with 3 of my teachers on a weekly basis, in order to learn from the bests. One marketer, one finance and one entrepreneur tutor helps to navigate through the difficulties. However, as a main goal, I also try to contact as much student as I can in order to write articles for the new platform. This part really makes my heart warm when I see that students stick together and as volunteers, share their experiences with the others.
When I am done with the most of the work, I go to Danish classes 2 times 2 hour a week. This seems to be very useful, because I have to deal with many informations what is only available in Danish. Before the classes, I hit the gym, usually 4-5 times a week.

I would love to tell exciting stories about how crazy parties I had in since I got back to Shanghai, but unfortunately I cant. As I work ten-twelve hours a day with my company, I only have time for my part time job during the weekend. This means every Friday and Saturday night I am working in a restaurant, from 17.00 till 04.00 as a dishwasher. However, it is not the most easy, clean and nice job, I really like my colleagues down there and the fact that I still can fit the part time job to my schedule.
On Sundays, I usually spend my time in the bed, learning some more programing or just trying to contact new students. Overall, I end up around 70h a week of working. It might sounds crazy, but I think it is going to pay off and I do not mean financially. I have a dream that this platform going to be huge and help thousands of students all around the world.

Moreover, what are the plan for the future? I will write it in a new post…But until that, check out the new page!


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