I was walking on the Andrassy street today, in Budapest, Hungary in a very lovely, suny afternoon. I was deeply thinking about the book what I read in the previous two hours in a local cafe when a homeless guy stopped me on the street, asking me for some coins. I stopped, and searched for some cash. However, I only found Danish Krones, so I told the guy: -Sorry mate, I cant help, I dont have hungarian currency.
-Yeah, so I should starve and die, or what?
-Well, thats not my responsibility, dont put the blame on me please.
-Okey, fuck you then

It is a shaming and sad story,but. as I walked further, I saw a guy beside me who heared this conversation and when I looked at him, he only said: “Well, this is not unusual here, dont care about it.” then I replied: “Yes and I am so thankful cus I am living abroad” After, meeting this total random guy on the street, we had a half hour conversation about the life abroad. Definitly, because turned out, that he is planning to work somewhere in Europe too. I mean its not a big deal, bit still, how awesome is this that we just looked at each other, then we changed namecards  and shared many plans, experiences. The lessons for today: always take take the initiate even when its not normal. Think outside of the box.

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